And once again I cannot sleep; walk out the door and up the street;

look at the stars, look at the stars fall down and wonder where did I go wrong

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build a levee
Natalie Merchant - Dancing Bear

I love it! Who would have though NM would do Klezmer music?

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It's about damn time she release something new.

Matt, she was in Grand Rapids tonight...Did you go?

Nope! The last time I looked at her concert schedule (March or April... around the release time of the new album), it was all in Europe. I didn't have much hope anyway, because every other time I've checked in years past, there was nothing in Michigan. (Probably overlooked those, too, or checked at the wrong time!) Oh, well. I'm poor, anyway!

I love "Dancing Bear"! I also found "Sailor O Sailor." Loved that, too.

I was just pondering today... what Natalie Merchant thinks of Lady GaGa... if she thinks anything about her at all.

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