And once again I cannot sleep; walk out the door and up the street;

look at the stars, look at the stars fall down and wonder where did I go wrong

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guys and girls...
build a levee
If you want me to send you a Christmas card, let me know by Monday at the latest. I think I got most of my friends that are on here on Facebook - but just in case I forgot...

Shawn and I are making cupcakes now, yummy.

and watching Mrs. Doubtfire again... Hopefully he'll change it. I love the movie, but damn I can't watch it three times in a row...sad when you know exactly what Mrs. Doubtfire is going to say when you're not watching the television.

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I want one!

Michelle Torres (and Adam Tannir)
130 Royal Dr
Apt 411
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Gimme yours too so that I send one to you two!

LOL okay :)
Christopher Lech
314 17th St SE
Washington DC 20003


Hi Christopher first of all love reading your entries its like a book you can put donw wanting to know more. thanks for shareing your life with me second you sound like a fun person i would love to have as a friend sorry i was to late to have you send me a card I would of love getting one, well at least let me say Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and a wounderful New Year with your love. thanks again for letting me be a part of your life.

i have no idea who you are, but thanks and glad that you enjoy what I write, and merry christmas and happy holidays to you! :)

I'd like a cupcake with my card! :)

hey allison why aren't you on my facebook?
p.s. got your card today

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