And once again I cannot sleep; walk out the door and up the street;

look at the stars, look at the stars fall down and wonder where did I go wrong

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One more day of work, yippee!
me, me!
This month at work is dragging. We have been slammed with work and while I don't mind it, it just seems longer. Christmas Eve is a week away and then I will be driving to NJ to drop my mom off at the airport the day after Christmas and drive back to DC, all in two days. I know I can do it, but for New Year's Eve, I got us a hotel room to ring in the new year right! I will probably have to work a 4 hour shift on NYE, but I really don't care. I'll have 3 days off after that.

The week of New Year's, we can wear jeans to work (tasteful jeans, of course), god forbid if we wear holey-jeans, just sayin'.

We didn't get a Xmas bonus at work - I don't think many law firms are giving out bonuses this year, but I am truly blessed of having a good paying job. Even those tidbits of overtime will help!


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